A game or a project in Scratch programming language is a specific project featuring user interaction or gameplay. A game project is regarded as one of the most renowned and entertaining types of projects that learners can implement with the help of Scratch’s inherent programming fundamentals and coding principles for beginners and intermediates. Therefore, the term ‘game’ is one of the most commonly used tags in the Udemy Scratch programming language. Let us boost your learning journey in this article where we cover 10 Easy Games to Make on Scratch using our popular approach with Scratch game tutorials.

While most  game projects tend to be original in the massive user and learner-generated Scratch Project Library, some of them tend to be parodies and emulations of famous video games –including Pac-Man, Super Mario, Pong, and others. Think about it, doesn’t it make sense to start with popular games that almost everyone knows and understands?

In Scratch programming, advanced-level programmers have ample level of knowledge and understanding about Scratch programming concepts. They also possess the ability to recreate some of the famous conventional games on Scratch including Breakout, Pac-man, Space Invaders, and others. At the same time, the Scratch programming platform also offers the opportunity to beginners to easily learn and design basic games with simple functionalities. If you’re looking for a jumpstart from beginner to advanced, consider checking out our Scratch programming for beginners course to really get you going.

Top Games to Make Using Scratch Programming

Some of the popular variants of games on Scratch that you can try out learning and designing on your own are:

#1 Scroller on Scratch

  1. It is a type of game project in which the objects as well as the background are scrolling or moving across the screen. This action occurs when the screen is scrolled either up or down by the players. In most cases, the players are going to stay on the same X coordinate.
  2. We particularly like this Scroller tutorial from Doomknight


At the same time, a specialized ‘jumping’ feature will enable the players to alter the Y coordinate upon some keyboard interaction. The given set of game projects tends to feature the opposite AI –referred to as ‘enemies.’ In such a scenario, the player is allowed to travel upwards or downwards. It would depend on the platform’s elevation.


#2 RPG Role Playing Game on Scratch

  1. These game projects are the ones in which the player is asked to fight components of the opposing AI or enemies. The users are presented with pre-set actions that should be implemented –referred to as ‘attacks.’ In most cases, the players will always have a companion for helping during the given series of attacks.
  2. We like this simplicity of this RPG Hero Tutorial that was made over 10 years AGO and shared in the Scratch Project Library


#3 Platformer on Scratch

  1.  Platformers are another common type of game made using Scratch programming language. Platformers tend to be games in which the players are expected to jump across the Y coordinate. On some other action, the user is expected to travel upwards on the given platforms for achieving a specific goal. This would mostly send the player to the next level of the game.
  2. This Platformer Tutorial by Griffpatch_Tutor gets regular updates. We think it’s worth checking out and following.


#4 Maze on Scratch

  1. Maze game projects are regarded as quite simpler to program using the Scratch programming language. The most common type of maze creation includes specific barriers. When these barriers come into contact with the sprites, the game would send the particular sprite controlled by the player to the start of the given game play.
  2. We recommend starting with a tutorial like this one from RadThorDax.


#5 Tycoon Game on Scratch

  1. The ultimate goal of these types of games is to obtain as much money as possible in the given game. The player is expected to buy upgrades from time to time for advancing to obtain more money.
  2. This fun Supermarket Tycoon game tutorial is a great example that is easy to program.


#6 Dress Up Games on Scratch

  1. These games involve dressing up a specific character. This is achieved by clicking on clothes or some other item for the character.
  2. This neat and easy little scratch tutorial will get you on your way to Dress Up Heaven


#7 Pong Game on Scratch

  1. These games feature a platform going from left to right. The aim of the player is to hit the ball on the top of the screen while coming back down. However, if the ball would go past the given platform, the game would end.
  2. Here is an Easy Pong Tutorial  we like for 1-4 players


#8 Icon Makers

  1. These are games that include customization of the character as per the preference of the players. There could be human as well as non-human icon makers.
  2. We like this Glue and Icon Maker Tutorial on Scratch as it’s very pretty and fun to create.


#9 Online Multiplayer Games on Scratch – Cloud Games on Scratch

  1. These games often also go by the name as MMO. The games make use of the cloud feature for allowing players using different devices to interact & play with each other. The concept of playing with other individuals online makes the game a popular selection.
  2. Cloud and MMO on Scratch is an intermediate concept that could be considered easy if you follow the step-by-step tutorials like these from “MathMathMath”


#10 Cooking Games on Scratch

  1. These are interactive games that can be made using Scratch programming language. In the given games, the game maker would offer the players a specific set of instructions that are required to be followed in order to complete cooking or baking tasks to score points and/or to progress levels.
  2. This Cookie Baking Tutorial is loads of fun!


Make the most of the concept of Scratch basics programming course online to boost your game-making skills.


Looking for More Free Scratch Game Tutorials?


Bonus – We like this Easy Video Tutorial for Beginners in Scratch – Rock Blaster on Scratch

This is again courtesy of our fantastic friends at the always popular Kids Coding Playground




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