I present you the best Scratch games.

Best scratch games.This is going to be my personal review on some of the top rated projects that I have found on the main website. Before I get deep into it I must mention that Scratch is turning 10 years this month. Congratulations to them for keeping this project alive for such a long time, and I wish all the best to them. Lets begin. I will check these games out from the main website by going to the explore section of the page. The first thing they present are all the projects that people have made and you can sort them by trend, popularity and how recently they have been published to the general community. First I will pick the section that I am interested in, games. I will sort them by how popular they are. This should be a great indicator of the best Scratch games through a period of time.

Let the reviewing begin.

The first game that sits in the far left upper side of the list is a game called ”Games”. I suppose it is a bundle of mini games that the ‘joyclark’ user has made. Yes, upon running the program I am presented with 3 options – I can play the platformer game, the run or the maze. The coder has done a real great job here, because not only you see games, but you can also see the achievements turn on/off the sound and it even has an instruction page. This man has truly put some effort in here. Honestly, I only played the platformer and it really got me into the game. I finished the whole game like no other. What also convinces me that this truly is the best Scratch game is that it receives daily comments and they all bring a positive vibe. By this I mean that the players really enjoy this project.
I would say that this is one of the best games I have played. It does not really have the best quality and the levels aren’t made of gold, but that is not the point of what a good game is defined by. I believe it is rated by how much absorbed you get into beating one level after another. And it truly got me here.

Best scratch games.Alright, next on the list is the Pokemon Go game in Scratch. But of course, this is truly the pinnacle of all games just because they have been in the industry for 2 decades, I believe. I remember watching them like crazy as a kid. And the recent trend bomb with the Pokemon mobile application game where you go places to catch virtual creatures. It is a really interesting gaming concept, even thou I never played t myself. Yes, this is the second most popular game on scratch. Compared to the first best game this one has a professional brand name logo windscreen at the beginning. This is some quality stuff right here, as it uses a highly sophisticated game drawing of a professor who greets us to the game itself. What a surprise, it is the replica of the real happening. The main character is 3D, and I can control it. It goes around the city which looks like a 2D map. As I move around there are many Pokemon spawning at random places. And I suppose I have to challenge them to a duel or something. It is just amazing. The main Pokemon button takes me to the main menu where I can check bunch of stuff, including my Pokedex, which is currently under construction thou. Alright, I just got my first contender, the caterpillar. This animal is now standing right in front of me and I must click on this beautifully drawn 3D poke ball. I must click on it, and it gets thrown against the animal. It gets sucked into the ball with this electrical effect, and the ball swirls around a little bit. I clearly see why this game is one of the best Scratch games. It is top notch in every aspect and it has a growth potential. It has around 100,000 likes and it is the favorite game to that amount of people too. People are screaming for more in the comments section, the most recent comment is 10 hours ago. And in total is has around 5,000 comments, which is crazy, it is a lot! The game play is simple, you use the arrow keys to walk around to find Pokemons. Then I have to hold and drag the poke ball.

But wait, I have 2 more best Scratch games.

The next game is Mario, from super bros. This project took the longest time to load up, and I suspect it is due to the massive code it contains. It is my favorite game by far. This gives a genuine Mario game experience. I play as the main character, the Italian plumber who jumps on mushroom heads to squeeze them. There are turtles that get into their shells and project themselves away. And of course, you can jump up to get some of them magic mushrooms with all sorts of power-ups from those floating question mark boxes. The game is really fun throughout as it presents many obstacles, including jumping from pipe to pipe. The developer has really made an effort to make this game real good. This is my personal favorite.

Best scratch games. The final game I am going to look through is the Football game. This game has been played over 200,000 times, and it is a lot in the Scratch community. It is 3/4 of the Mario game plays. It is a really fun representation of the game play. There are two players kicking of the ball and you catch it. Then you have to get pass through them to get to the opposite side, where you will make a touchdown. And you receive a point for that. Even for me, who is not really enthusiastic about this game, it was quite enjoyable to complete the objective of the game. Alright, I hope you enjoyed this review on best Scratch games.

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