Programming can be a fun and challenging career with lots of opportunities to learn and grow for the technically inclined. Unlike many other fields, one of the best aspects of this field is the fact that anyone with the willingness to learn can make use of the hundreds and thousands of resources online to start a career in programming.

You can start learning from online code schools today and build a lucrative career path in computer programming for yourself!

Best online code schools to learn from

One of the best go-to online resources for beginners learning to program is Pluralsight. It is a publicly-held online education company that provides video training for IT professionals, including software developers. It employs over 1,500 expert authors offering over 6,000 courses in different areas.

Pluralsight was set-up in 2004, and its first online course appeared in 2007. In 2015, the company acquired another online training platform known as Code School, which had a focus on video trainings for beginner to intermediate level software developers. Ever since, the company has been focused towards delivering IT education.

Over time, Pluralsight has developed a complete enterprise-level solution, also integration modules such as skills assessment into their platform. It is a great resource for beginners to learn from.

Another great option is Coursera, which although is not focused towards programming specifically, but is still a great learning resource for students willing to learn how to code. It features online courses from the top universities around the world, and even provides certificates for courses completed. The courses are progress-based and involve different forms of assessments.

Over the past few years, the Udemy platform has also grown tremendously, attracting some of the best expert authors from all over the world to create courses. Udemy, like Coursera, also features self-paced progress-based lectures. However, Udemy tends to feature trainings for the latest technologies, since individual authors who are already experts in their fields can create courses much more quickly than platforms such as Pluralsight and Coursera, since these platforms need to hire new authors and go through a long process before publishing a course. Udemy’s course model also ensures that only the best authors with the best content are encouraged.

Where to begin with?

Before you start learning to program, remember that learning the basics is the most important part. But it is also important for beginners not to get bogged down with theory, since programming is a very practical and applied field.

Start off by learning the basics of a major language such as C++ or Java, and it will teach you the basics of programming in virtually any language. Programming languages are very similar – they vary only with respect to how they’re written, and what features they have available.

Getting practical experience is the most important part of learning to program. Whenever you sign up for a course at an online code school, make sure it involves a lot of real-world examples and preferably a capstone project, which can advance your career by leaps and bounds. Good luck!


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