The Scratch Cat is the default sprite of MIT’s Scratch Programing Language that you come across upon launching a new project. You cannot change the Scratch Cat as the default sprite. It also serves to be the default icon while creating new Scratch account. The Scratch cat serves to be the trademark of MIT and was drawn by Wing Ngan. While cat is the most commonly used sprite in any Scratch programming language project, you can also make use of and create an essentially infinite number of other sprites. Let’s take a close look at the Scratch Cat and a Cat Scratch Game Script or two.


What are Scratch Sprites?

Scratch sprites can be referred to as images that could be drawn easily by users –even kids by making use of the interactive Scratch interface. Scratch serves to be a block-based programming language wherein young creators and coders learn the fundamentals of the programming language with the help of visual-based drag-and-drop blocks. This is in opposition to the typical text-based coding concepts of other programming languages.

Therefore, the sprites created using scratch programming for beginners can take up any character, shape, and design.



Coding of Scratch Sprites

For controlling the movement of a sprite in Scratch, motion blocks are used. Similarly, for changing the overall appearance of the sprite, Look blocks are used. At the same time, the utilization of sound blocks helps in enhancing the ability of the sprite to create sounds.



Scratch Blocks Palette



Scratch Look Block Example



With the help of a Scratch basics programming course online, like those available at Udemy, we can learn about creating sprites that talk, changing costumes, shrinking or growing sprites, allowing the sprites to jump up & down, gliding sprites, changing backdrops, and so more. The easy-to-learn programming language even allows kids to design their animations or characters easily. Therefore, Scratch programming language turns out to be the best option out there when it comes to helping kids learn programming or coding.


Creating a Customized Sprite Using Scratch

In the context of Scratch programming for beginners, the creation of a character is referred to as ‘painting the sprite.’ The process to ensure the same is quite simple. You can follow the steps as:

  • Select the “Choose a Sprite” icon situated in the bottom right corner
  • Select the option “paint” for opening a new sprite
  • Now, you can name the all-new sprite



Choosing a Sprite in Scratch


We can then create the desired sprite with the help of following tools:

  • Ellipse tool is useful in creating a circular shape
  • Fill tool is helpful in filling the shape with the desired color
  • Outline tool can help in changing the color of the outline of the shape
  • Brush tool is helpful in serving as the freestyle drawing tool





Understanding the Concept of Scripting in Scratch Programming

Every sprite in the given Scratch project features an area for scripts –referred to as the Scripts Area. The users can offer instructions to the sprite (like asking the sprite to move) by combining blocks together in the given scripts area. As the users would click on the blocks in the given scripts area, it will allow the sprite to react accordingly on the basis of the block’s function that has been selected. As you would click on the thumbnail of the sprite, the respective sprite panel will present the script area for the given sprite.

You can also change the looks of the sprite with the help of costumes. You can change the current costume of the particular sprite by selecting the “Costumes” icon. Then, you can select the desired costume of your choice. You can also make use of blocks for selecting the costume of the sprite. You can even import, create, and edit new costumes for the given sprite with the help of the Scratch Paint Editor.

Most of the sprites out there are known to feature some kind of sound. In comparison to costumes, sounds happen to be an optional choice. Therefore, you can go forward with creating sprites that do not have any sound. With the help of the sound tab in Scratch programming, you can easily delete, add, and even edit sounds. The respective sounds can be played in the given sound editor or with the help of blocks that are responsible for playing a particular sound.

Sprites –along with the respective costumes, scripts, and sounds, can be easily exported. Later on, they can be imported into some other project upon the necessity. You can achieve the same by clicking on the thumbnail of the sprite in its panel. Then, you should select the option “Save to local file” as available in the pop-up menu.


Bonus Video 1: Creating a Scratch Motion Block

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Bonus Video 2: How to Make a Sprite in Scratch 3.0

Surfing Scratcher will walk you through all the steps on making and manipulating Sprites in Scratch to do what you want.


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