Flappy Bird is a simple game in which you are capable of steering the bird between multiple obstacles or pipes. The users can hit the respective space key for controlling how high the Flappy bird is going to fly. For the creation of the Flappy Bird game, Scratch 2.0 is a leading choice. If you’d like to jump in and try this right now, read our popular free tutorial here. If you’d prefer to jump right in the deep end and immerse yourself in learning Scratch by building many games, buy our Udemy Scratch programming course (25% discount available now with this coupon code).

flappy bird on scratch

Scratch 2.0 – also referred to as Scratch 2, is the second significant version of the Scratch programming language after Scratch 1.4. Scratch 2 is known to feature a redesigned website and editor. It has also served to be the first version that has included both the offline as well as the online editor. Scratch 2.0 is famous for including a wide spectrum of features that help in enhancing the overall coding as well as development process. Moreover, you can make use of reliable courses for learning about Scratch programming for beginners.

Making e Flappy Bird Game on Scratch 2.0

For developing the Flappy Bird game on Scratch 2.0, you can make use of cloning scripts for the development of pipes or obstacles. Cloning turns out to be the right way when it comes to making the copy of the sprite. This feature is only available in Scratch.

You can start the game development by the creation of a proper game background or Stage. Then, you are required to create two separate sprites –a bird (referred to as the Flappy) and the pipe (the obstacles featuring two rectangles having a space in between). Then, you can go ahead with making two separate costumes for the obstacle or the pipe. There should be a gap between the existing rectangles at some different height in each of the obstacles.

The concept of the game is that the Flappy Bird would keep falling unless you would be hitting the space key –making the bird fly upwards. In this post, let us help you understand how you can make an innovative Flappy Bird game with the help of Scratch 2.0 programming. We will help you know about how to make a game in Scratch with the help of in-depth Scratch game tutorials.

Here are the steps to follow for creating the game called “Flappy Bat”, essentially the same as “Flappy Bird”, but with a “Bat” instead of a “Bird”.

Creating Online Project

  1. Go to the official website of Scratch and select the Create button.
  2. Change the name of the project from Untitled to Flapping Bat.

As you are logged in, Scratch 2.0 would automatically end up saving your project on which you will be working.

Creating Offline Project

  1. You are required to open the Scratch 2.0 offline editor on your system.
  2. Go with the option of selecting File, and then advancing to Save As. You can now type “Flapping Bat” to save the name of the file.

Deleting the Cat

You can go forward with deleting the cat or any other existing sprite from the screen to create your game’s elements. You can do so by pressing the Shift key on the keyboard while clicking on the cat or sprite directly. A small menu is going to appear with the option of deleting whatever you have selected with the Shift key. When you are creating a game using Scratch 2.0, you should know this important functionality of using the Shift key. This is because it will help in saving ample time when you are working on Scratch projects.

Choosing Player Sprite

A sprite in Scratch 2.0 serves to be a graphic element other than the background or Stage. The sprite helps in representing the background. For the Flappy Bat game, you will be required to create as many as three sprites –Pipe, Ground, and Player.

  1. Search for the area of New Sprite located beneath the option of Stage. Click on its first icon. You can choose the desired Sprite from the available library.
  2. You can select the name of the sprite library as Bat2 and then select the option OK.
  • Shift-click on the Bat2 sprite and select the option Info.
  • You can change the name of the sprite from Bat2 to Player. This is because in the given game, the player will be controlling the bat sprite.
  • To close the info window, you can select the back button.

Painting Ground Sprite

  1. In the new area of the sprite, you can select the icon representing the paint brush design. It is the Paint New Sprite.
  2. Shift-click on the new sprite and select the option Info for changing the name of the sprite to Ground.
  3. Select the Costumes option.
  4. Select the rectangle-shaped tool on the canvas of the Paint Editor –located beneath the Costumes option.
  5. Select the option of Solid Rectangle.
  6. By clicking near the bottom-left section of the Paint Editor screen, you can continue dragging up to the right side until you come across a rectangle towards the bottom.

Using the same instructions, you can go forward with painting the Pipe sprite for the game. When you have all three sprites, you can go forward with coding for the e Flappy Bird on Scratch 2.0. For in-depth knowledge, you can opt for programming fundamentals and coding for beginners and intermediates with Udemy.

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