Have you ever played the game Flappy Bird? The chances are that you might as well like to know about designing and developing a Flappy Bird game. If you are interested in creating the Flappy Bird game, you can use Scratch programming language as your foundation.

With my 4.6 star-reviewed Udemy Scratch programming  course, you are offered the ease of programming interactive stories, animations, and interesting games. At the same time, the portal for game creation also allows you to share what you have created with others in the massive online Scratch community.

With Scratch, the younger community of coders and learners is enabled to think creatively and work collaboratively. These are some of the most essential skills needed in the 21st century. Therefore, whether you wish to hone your programming skills or learn a new programming language, Scratch allows you to ensure the same with the help of its interactive platform.

In this post, we will help you understand in detail how you can develop a game like Flappy Bird using Scratch XL.

Flappy Bird Game with Scratch XL

We are going to create a game with the name “Flappy Bat.”

Creating the Online Project


  • Here, you can change the name of the file or project from Unnamed to your game name as “Flappy Bat.”
  • When you are logged in, the Scratch platform will continue automatically saving your project as you continue working on the same.

Creating Offline Project


With Scratch, you can also create the Flappy Bird game offline at your convenience. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Launch the Scratch Offline Editor on your computer system.
  • Upon launching the same, click on the option File, and then, advance to Save As. Write Flappy Bat.

Deleting the Cat

Whenever you will be creating a new Scratch project, it is going to include a sprite. The mascot for the sprite in Scratch is the Cat.


You can consider deleting the Cat or any other sprite. You can do so by pressing the Shift key on the keyboard as you click on the same directly. You will be encountered with a new menu having the option of deleting whatever you have selected.


Choosing the Player Sprite


A sprite appears to be a graphical element in any Scratch project. The Stage in a Scratch project is used to represent the respective background of the game. For the game, you will be creating three sprites –ground, pipe, and player.

  • Search for the New Sprite area located just beneath the Stage option and select the first icon. Select the sprite from the available library.
  • For the Flappy Bat game, you can select the Bat2 sprite.

Paint Ground Sprite


  •  In the all-new Sprite area, you can choose the icon – Paint New Sprite.
  • Shift-click on the latest sprite, select the option “info” and change its name to “Ground.”
  • Select the Costumes tab.
  • Towards the bottom-left corner of the screen, drag up & towards the right side.

Paint Pipe Sprite


The objective of the game is flapping the bird’s wings as it flies through the holes between consecutive pipes.

  • Select the Paint Sprite option.
  • Shift-click the give sprite, select info, and alter the name to Pipe.
  • Select the Costumes tab.
  • Click & drag towards the middle of the screen for drawing a vertical pipe.

For making a hole for the bird to fly through, you can select the Tool option. Drag across the pipe’s middle, then select the option of Backspace or Delete key on the keyboard. You should not be worried that the bat gets too big. It can be fixed later on.

Now you have access to three sprites for your Flappy Bird game. If you feel that the background for your game is quite too plain, then you can consider preparing a proper background for the same.

Painting Sky Gradient on the Stage


You might be new to the term “gradient.” Scratch offers access to different types of gradients. These variants allow you to fade between multiple shades.

  • Select the Stage icon.
  • Click on the option of backdrops
  • Select the given fill with the right Color.
  • Select the horizontal gradient icon.
  • Choose the white tone swatch.
  • Click on the Swap colors icon.
  • Select the swatch of light blue tone.
  • Select any portion of the Paint Editor dashboard with the given color gradient.


With Scratch programming language, you can learn about the programming fundamentals and coding for beginners & intermediates easily. With a reliable Scratch game tutorial by Udemy, you can learn about creating interesting games like Flappy Bird on the go.

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