Have you ever played Flappy Bird? Wish to design a game like Flappy Bird online? You can do so online by making use of Scratch programming fundamentals and coding for beginners and intermediates. With the help of a reliable online course like Udemy Scratch programming, you can easily design interactive games like Flappy Bird Online and other exciting game projects based on your interest.

If you’re new here, Scratch programming language is a simple block-based programming language that allows its users to design and create new projects including animations and games. The best part about this language is that it is very simple and accessible for people of all age groups –even children, to use its coding basics and design interactive projects. For instance, a famous game like Flappy Bird can be easily made using Scratch for those who are interested in designing a game on their own.

Here is our detailed guide into making a game like Flappy Bird on Scratch.

Creating a New Project

  • You can advance to the official website of Scratch at https://scratch.mit.edu/. Upon selecting the Create bar on the top, you will start working on a new project.
  • You can now rename the project to something relevant like “Flappy Bird.”





Replacing the Main Sprite

  • You want the icon to be a flappy bird and not a cat. Therefore, you should replace the main sprite featuring a cat to something relevant. You can choose some bird for the Flappy Bird game.







Replacing the Background

  • If you wish to design an interactive game, you should aim for an interesting background as well. Scratch allows you to customize the game as much as possible. Therefore, you can choose the desired background based on the theme of the game.





Creating the Obstacles

  • When you start scripting, you need to create the sprite for the obstacles as well.
  • For the obstacles, you will require different costumes. It helps in differentiating between multiple sprites or obstacles.
  • However, if you wish that your obstacles appear the same, you can make use of the duplicate tool.



Programming the Bird

  • Initialization: It determines how you wish the bird to be set up upon the beginning of the game. It is recommended that you should place the bird backwards towards the middle of the screen.
  • Gravity: An easy process of imparting the bird gravity is by gradually reducing its y-coordinate.
  • Flight: You should decide on what you are going to use as the input for the game. Many designers make use of the space bar. You can choose any button that you prefer.
  • Animation: For the Flappy Bird game, it will be great when the wings would flap when the bird is flying. You can implement the same by switching between different costumes.

flappy bird on scratch


Programming the Obstacles

  • Cloning: You would want the obstacles to continue coming until the game would end. However, rather than designing several sprites on the go, you can consider making several copies of the single sprite. Firstly, you need to make the original sprite invisible and then, repeatedly create the clone. Then, you need to instruct the Obstacles Sprite about what to do when the same is cloned.
  • Randomization: You would like to serve the costumes by random. Then, you can undo the invisibility feature such that the clone becomes visible.
  • Moving; Now that your cloning has been set up, you are required to make them move through the screen. You will be required to put some movement piece inside the loop.
  • Scoring: In the given section, you should be able to track how the players are capable of scoring in the game. For ensuring the same, you should make use of Variable –a way of storing information.


Making a New Variable

  • Advance to the Obstacle Sprite. In its Data section, you can select the option “make a variable.”
  • You would want the game score to commence at 0 with every game. Then, the score should be increased every time a new obstacle will be cloned.

Why Use Scratch for Games Like Flappy Bird?

Scratch has become a famous way of introducing the concept of coding to young individuals across the world. Scratch allows students of all age groups to design projects that help in expressing their ideas. Students can also make use of the programming language for communicating interactive ideas in different subject areas. With advanced programming skills like Udemy Scratch programming, the students are able to come across opportunities for deeper learning.


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