Scratch is a visual-based programming language that is mainly meant for the kids of all age groups. The visual language is available in the shape of blocks. The Scratch programming language helps in enabling the users to design & create games, online projects, apps, and various other things.

One of the most interesting facts of the visual-based programming language is its involvement with the community. As a user would finish the project, or whenever a particular user wishes to, they can go forward with sharing and discussing the creations with other members of the community. There is immense importance of teamwork in the field of coding.

Community building initiatives by the Scratch programming fundamentals and coding for beginners and intermediates put greater emphasis on the matter. This allows the younger minds to develop more advanced skills as well as abilities as they learn the art of coding through Udemy Scratch programming courses online. In this article we take a closer look at some of our favourite free online coding courses for kids in 2021.


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Reasons to Take Up Free Online Coding Course for Kids

Scratch programming language had been developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT. Since its inception, the core objective of this programming language was to help children of all age groups –above 8 years, to learn coding and implement the same for designing games, animations, and other types of projects.

The field of coding is going to open doors to a secure and successful future of the kids of the modern era. As such, initiatives like Scratch programming language, that have been created in a colorful & friendly manner are great ways for the modern-day kids to ensure the development of vital skills like algorithmic logic, computational thinking, creativity, and problem solving.

Being a part of the community of creators and makers, the kids of the modern era can look forward to receiving valuable feedback that are required for boosting the respective developments. At the same time, they also learn the opportunity to listen to others who might have faced some similar issue in the past. Some additional benefits that users of Scratch programming language can expect are:

  • Working with Blocks: As you start using the platform, you will be surprised at how easy it is to use the same and learn coding basics. Scratch is a popular block-based programming language. The platform features a user-friendly interface with the presence of multiple colors. The founders of the platform have created an ideal place for starting the process of learning coding –right from an early stage in life. Eventually, when you would pass on high-end programming languages like C++, Java, and others to your kids at a later stage in life, it will be a seamless process.




It is surprising to know about the type of projects that kids can implement within the community. You can easily create interesting effects and animations by making use of colorful blocks


  • Encouraging Logical Thinking and Creativity: The utilization of Scratch promotes the development of logical thinking s kids would search for solutions to different types of problems. With the help of programming concepts, the kid is able to develop the capability of being more structured and organized when it comes to the management of resources and the utilization of various tools.


The colored blocks on the platform tend to be grouped, dragged, and released for obtaining instant results. As far as kids are concerned, it allows them to add sounds, creative movements, change scenarios, or create interactive games in a simple manner –all of these contributing to the development of creativity.


  • Visually Appealing: With Scratch programming language, if you wish to create interest in your kid for coding, it is not a big issue. This is because the entire platform is immensely appealing with the presence of multiple colors to draw the attention of your child. With this programming language, the kids are enabled to visualize the overall coding concepts. This tends to make the entire process highly enjoyable and fun-filled.


  • Attractive Hardware Extensions: There are several companies known for creating hardware sets for integrating with Scratch for the creation of interesting projects. For instance, extensions like Makey-Makey and Microbit enabled kids to design as well as create the respective game controllers.

Microbit Kit, one of many available



  • Highly Accessible: Almost anyone out there can make use of Scratch as all it requires is a stable Internet connection. Therefore, when you make your kids learn Scratch programming, you are offering them a great learning opportunity to start coding from the comfort of the home.



As it can be observed, the possibilities with Scratch programming language are endless. Therefore, you can ask your kids to start from an early age. This will prepare them for the future to be successful.


Bonus – Our Favourite Free Scratch Video Tutorial Project for 2021 (so far)

This is our favourite tutorial so far, especially as it was made by our friends at Kids Coding Playground dedicated as a project to Earth Day 2021. Bridging coding with environmental awareness is something we would like to do more.


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