A game project on Scratch is a project featuring gameplay or user interaction. Game projects are regarded as one of the most famous types of projects on Scratch programing website. This is the reason why the term “game” is one of the most commonly used tags when it comes to learning Udemy Scratch programming course.

While a majority of the game projects tend to be original, there are others that are parodies or emulations of some of the popular game categories –including Pong, Super Mario, Pac Man, Bros, and so more. In this post, we will help you understand some of the most common and easy games that you can create with the help of Scratch programming for beginners.

Developing Interesting Games in Scratch Programming

Scratch turns out to be one of the most popular programming languages out there when it comes to creating interactive and easy games. In addition to games, the programming language is also utilized for creating animations and other interactive projects of all complexity levels. The best part about Scratch game tutorials is that these are quite simple –can be understood and executed by beginners as well having no prior or minimal experience in programming.

As you learn programming fundamentals and coding for beginners & intermediates with Scratch, you can look forward to executing interesting game projects as per your specifications. Here are some of the most popular game variants that you can look forward to creating using Scratch programming language.

Types of Game Projects in Scratch

  • Scrollers: These are the types of game projects in which the objects and background tend to “scroll” or move across the screen upon being scrolled down or up. In this case, the player will stay on the given X coordinate. However, in most cases, the “jumping feature” in the scroller game would allow the players to change the respective Y coordinate. This occurs upon some keyboard interaction.



The Scroller-based game projects mostly tend to feature the opposing AI –referred to as “enemies.” At the same time, there is also the presence of platforms in which the players are enabled to travel downwards or upwards –based on the platform’s elevation.




  • Platformer: This is yet another most common variant of a game project in Scratch. Platformers are game projects wherein the players tend to “jump” along the respective Y coordinate. At the same time, they can also travel upwards on the subsequent platforms for achieving a specific goal. This would mostly send the user to the succeeding level of the given gameplay. There are some platformers that take on the concept of the Scroller variant of game projects.









  • RPG: RPG game projects tend to depict the ones in which the player is transmitted to flight components of the opposing “enemies” or the AI. The player is present there to take relevant actions or ensure “attacks” upon being put. In most cases, there will be the presence of a companion for helping during the subsequent stages of the given attacks.








  • Tycoon: The ultimate motive of the Tycoon game projects is to obtain as much amount or whatever reward as possible –as described in the particular game. In the given game project, the player is usually expected to buy upgrades for advancing to different levels for obtaining more rewards or money.


  • Maze: Mazes tend to be another common variants of game projects executed using Scratch programming. This is because maze types of game projects are relatively simpler to execute with the help of Scratch game tutorials. The most common form of maze game creation is known to include specific barriers in which upon coming in contact with another sprite, will transmit the specific sprite being under the control of the user –to the starting point of the game-play stage. Other variations would not simply allow the users to go through the walls.









  • Pong: These are game projects in which the platform would advance from left to right. The platform aims at hitting the ball to the screen’s top and then, coming down. However, if the ball would go past the given platform, the game eventually ends along with some other penalty.








  • Dress Up Games: These are the game projects that are played by users for dressing up a specific character. This is mostly implemented by clicking on clothes or some other items for the characters. Most of the given game variants have become quite common as well as complicated. Some of the other types of the given game variant feature special buttons for clicking and changing the clothes.


  • Online Multiplayer Games: Also going by the name as MMO are game projects making use of the revolutionary Cloud feature for allowing players from multiple devices to play amongst each other.


Make the most of the Scratch basics programming course online by Udemy to develop interesting games.

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