Scratch is widely regarded as one of the best platform for individuals of all ages to begin learning to implement coding and gaming projects. The platform serves to be easily accessible for Android devices and most of the desktop Operating Systems. It also serves to be a great starting point for the novice coders (with age range above 8 years) to start learning the fundamentals of coding with the help of block-based coding.


The use of the Scratch programming language is versatile. Scratch blocks can be utilized for a wide range of purposes –right from making animations to designing interactive games and so more. However, one of the most popular applications of Scratch is that it is used for programming video games.

When you pay a visit to the official website of Scratch at, you will come across a great collection of video games that are constantly being added to the platform. The Scratch programming language serves to be a perfect choice for developing interactive games. This is because the given language is capable of supporting player input, and offering players unlimited control over the respective code.

What is a Game in Scratch?

Before making a game on Scratch, it is important to understand the meaning of a game on literal grounds. Games are one of the most famous forms of entertainment in the modern era. You can come across a myriad of interactive games that could be played for fun as well as educational purposes.

When you wish to develop games on Scratch, here are some basic requirements that should be met:

  • The player should be having some sort of control over something
  • The player should be having an objective to complete

Tips for Developing Games in Scratch

If you wish to begin with the development process of your game using Scratch, here are some tips:

#Start with a Proper Plan


Preparing a proper plan turns out to be the first & foremost aspect that you need to implement when it comes to designing a game using Scratch. This step might appear naïve, but it helps in giving your project a well-defined direction. Planning serves to be a major step towards boosting the overall creativity while coming up with an innovative project idea.

When you are planning to develop a game on Scratch, here are some basic steps to follow:

  • Select a theme
  • Analyze what the players are going to do
  • Select the objective that the player is expected to achieve

Once you have put these things into place, the other aspects will follow naturally.

#Set Up the Main Characters

In Scratch, the creation of characters implies the creation of a Sprite. In a typical Scratch project for game development, objects and characters are represented with the help of Sprites. The sprites are represented as images while appearing in the main area in which the game is going to take place. The given area is referred to as the Stage. Sprites are capable of moving around as well as executing code that is provided to them. This allows them to create highly interesting projects.

To create the new sprite for the main character, you can click on the option “Choose a Sprite” situated at the bottom right corner of the screen. From here, you can select the main character of the game. You have the option of choosing from the array of premade sprites. You can also customize your game while painting new sprites in the Paint Editor or Costumes Tab.

#Program the Character


Now that the new sprite is created, you can now bring life to the same. As sprite is going to be the main character of the game, you can then write codes for allowing the player to control the same.

The code helps you in writing on the controllable sprite for allowing the game characters to move upon some action by the players. For instance, if you are preparing a Question game, then you should write the code for asking the users proper questions.

#Choose the Backdrop


Before you are going to add some objective, you should aim at making the theme strong by including a backdrop to it. As the backdrops are not essential for completing a game, they can certainly help in adding a bit of character.

You can consider making your game on Scratch without having a backdrop. However, then your game would be implemented on a blank screen. When you choose a fun backdrop for your game with the help of Scratch programming, you can communicate the theme of the game to the players. Moreover, it also helps in making your game more immersive and engaging.

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You can make use of the useful Scratch programming fundamentals and coding for beginners and intermediates through Udemy scratch programming courses like the popular one I created here. Scratch basics programming course online can be utilized for creating interactive games of various types.

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