Improve your brand appearance and learn how to make an intro in Scratch.

Intro in scratch.This will let your viewers know about your brand name, and it adds a professional look to your games. There are a few things we have to do to achieve this.Start by opening a new Scratch editor and delete the cat sprite right away. I have a pre-made logo that I made earlier on an image manipulation program, and I will upload it to my program from my computer as a sprite. You can draw a new one right in the scratch editor. Click on the scripts tab, and add the ‘when green flag’ clicked block. I will make a program that will make this logo start as a little tiny dot, then it will proceed to spin an increase in size until it reaches its 100% size. Start by hiding this and add the ‘wait 1 second’ control block under it. This delay is necessary, because the text is going to glide in from the side in 1 second, and only then the spinning head logo will appear. Now add the ‘go to front’ block, to make it as the upper most layer in respect to all the other upcoming sprites to this how to make an intro in Scratch. Next, set the coordinates where it should be located by adding the ‘go to x y’ motion block. Then drag the ‘set ghost effect to 100’ from looks category. This block will make the logo be completely transparent before it appears. Then add the ‘set size to 0%’ looks block. Then proceed by adding the ‘repeat’ block from the control category, and set it to repeat itself 20 times. Inside its mouth add the ‘shot’ looks block. Now add the ‘change ghost effect by -5’ block. This block will make the logo gradually come into visible picture. Then add the ‘turn 18 degrees’ motion block, to add a cool spinning action there, and finally add the ‘change size by 5’ looks block. This will make it achieve its original size. All these block are repeated 20 times, therefor it becomes visible again, because 20 times -5 is -100, and it undoes the ‘set ghost effect to 100’ block. And the size adds up to 100.

Halfway through the intro in Scratch.

Intro in scratch. Alright, next thing I want you to do this this intro in Scratch,  I want you to paint a new sprite, and use the text tool to write the name of your brand. I wrote Choose the appropriate color for it. Once written, adjust its size by dragging it diagonally by the edges. Next I used the paint bucket tool to color some of the letter in a different color. Awesome! Now, place it on the stage where its final position is going to be. We have to make a script for it now. Program will make it slide from the left side to the middle of the stage in 1 second. Start by adding the ‘when flag clicked’ block. From the looks category, add the ‘go to front’ block. And from the motion category, add one ‘go to x y’ block, and one ‘glide 1 secs to x y’ block. Set the coordinates for the ‘go to’ block so that it is far away on the left side. And for the ‘glide’ block, add the final x and y coordinate positions. This block will make it automatically glide. Adjust it to be in the center. If it appears to be drifting to either of the sides, simply add a script to it that makes it go to to x and y coordinates that are both 0 – the middle of the stage. Finally, this project requires a solid background. I simply painted a new sprite, and I used the paint bucket tool to make a simple color painting. Now run the program, and enjoy your original Scratch intro. I hope you learned how to make an intro in Scratch. Check out my project in this Scratch link:

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