Scratch has come up with its revolutionary 3.0 version. Therefore, the Scratch programming language is now capable of supporting mobile devices as well. However, as mobile devices do not feature proper keyboards, most gaming projects tend to be incompatible with them. As such, Scratch Studio with Scratch Programming language is committed to designing projects that can be fully utilized on mobile devices. In this post, we will learn about how you can make mobile games with the help of Scratch Keyboard!


What Projects can You Implement on Scratch Keyboard?

You can consider implementing projects on Scratch Keyboard that are mobile-friendly and created for the purpose of ensuring that other mobile-friendly projects can be added on the given platform. For instance, you can think about projects like button engines, joystick engines, and other similar items or projects. Scratch game tutorials for beginners from Udemy provide in-depth insight into the given concepts.

Can You Create Games on Scratch Keyboard?

In case you have developed a game or a project that fit the requirements as stated above, and wish the same to be added into the platform, then you can curate the gaming project on Scratch Keyboard. You can also consider curating if you happen to be the manager of platform’s main studio. Curators should not consider including projects multiple times for moving the same to the list’s top.

What is Mobile-friendliness in Scratch?

Mobile-friendliness can be referred to as the state in which a project could be easily navigated as well as utilized by an individual on some mobile device just quite as easily as the person using the same on a computer system.

Which Projects can be Executed on the Scratch Keyboard?

Any gaming project following the control scheme and fully usable on mobile devices could be added to the Scratch Studio. It is fine if the project will be allowing keyboard input as well. Remixes in such projects are allowed.

What are the Rules for Such Projects in Scratch Studio?

The Scratch Studio is regarded as the platform for collecting and discussing mobile-friendly projects. Therefore, the same should not be utilized for other projects. Moreover, it is also recommended to not consider removing and re-adding the projects. The Scratch Studio should be treated as a friendly space for all the visitors on the given platform.

The curators should not aim at adding only projects that are suggested in the comments. On the other hand, they can also consider adding any project that is mobile-friendly and present somewhere else.

How can I Make Mobile-friendly Projects or Games on Scratch Keyboard?

If you wish to design a mobile-friendly project or game on Scratch keyboard, then you can consider the following tips:

  • Ensure that all the specific keyboard operations can be implemented with the help of the mouse also.


  • You cannot change the position of the mouse pointer without ensuring the mouse pointer downwards on mobile devices.


  • The only possible way to input text on the mobile-based game is to ensure “ask [] and wait” blocks in Scratch Keyboard.


  • You can consider making use of the swipe controls in case you are not in favor of multiple buttons.


  • You can try out programming multiple modes for diverse platforms with the respective mobile mode ensuring modified controls.


  • It is important to note that you cannot tap two simultaneous buttons all at once on the mobile device. This would make simultaneous games involving multiple players impossible to run & play. It is important to create buttons that are capable of combining multiple inputs.


  • You can ensure that clicker games are easily played across mobile devices as these would just require clicks to upgrade.


  • You should avoid making use of “when this sprite is clicked” for different buttons in the mobile-friendly game. This is because you will not be able to hold it down. Instead, you can consider making use of the command “if << touching [mouse-pointer v] ?> and <mouse down>> then.”


  • In case you wish to create a platformer, then you should consider including two jump buttons that are also capable of moving horizontally. This is because it is easier to control the same.


  • It is difficult to activate the Turbo Mode on smartphones. Therefore, you should avoid creating game projects on Scratch Keyboard based on the given concept.


  • If you wish to check whether or not something gets tapped, there is an easy way to ensure the same. You can make use of the blocks in Scratch programming ‘if <<touching [mouse-pointer v] ?> and <mouse down ? >> then’


  • There are some gaming projects in Udemy Scratch Programming that cannot be loaded on mobile devices as too much gets loaded once or there happens to be significant data in your gaming project. You can try optimizing the same by avoiding the use of vector graphics.


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