how-to-code-pac-man-game-in-scratchAre you a games enthusiast? Wish to ensure making games in Scratch Pac Man Part 1? With the help of the advanced Udemy Scratch Programming course (25% discount on NOW), you can easily excel the art of making high-end games like Pac Man Part 1 on the go. In this post, we will help you unravel how to make a game in Scratch.

An Insight into Scratch Programming Language

Scratch serves to be one of the best programming platforms or languages out there for coders of all ages to learn the skill of building coding projects using a free online medium. The MIT scratch platform offers ease of accessibility for Android tablets along with desktop operating systems as well. Scratch programming serves to be a great beginning point for the beginners –above the age of 8 years, to start programming fundamentals with the help of block-based coding.

 The Scratch programming serves to be immensely versatile and are built around the core concept of “scratch blocks”. Scratch blocks can be utilized for a wide range of applications –right from making interactive animations to delivering attractive and entertaining stories. However, the most popular application of Scratch programming is the creation of video games like Pac Man Part 1. You can learn about Scratch game tutorials with the help of Udemy Scratch programming courses (25% discount on NOW).

If you wish to know more about Scratch programming language, here are some effective beginner tips to give you a framework that is used by even the most advanced professional programmers:

#Start with a Plan

It is important to come up with a proper plan for your game. While this step might appear trivial, still it is known to deliver direction to the project. When you are planning a game with Scratch, here are some important steps to follow:

  • Pick a particular theme
  • Analyze what the players and characters are going to do
  • Select an objective or goal that the player is expected to complete

Scratch for developing Pac Man Part 1 is utilized for developing computer-based objects. These objects will be interacting with each other in the given game. At the same time, the given programming concept is also utilized for developing simple animation of the game’s characters. Animation blocks or codes are kept separate from the main functionality blocks or codes such that sprites can be easily reused with minimal changes to the costumes along with minor changes to the variables.


#Come Up with a Visual Theme

One of the most appealing parts of any game out there is the overall visual appearance. It can remain independent of how the given game will be functioning. However, it is known to shape the overall experience of the players. The visual theme of the game is the combination of characters and settings.

When you pick a theme, it can turn out to be the easiest part of creating a game with Scratch –like Pac Man Part 1.

#Analyze the Core Mechanics of the Game

The next step is involved with figuring out what people will be doing in the game. For this, you are required to:

  • Figure out how the players are going to control the game
  • Analyze the objective of the game

When you are thinking about what the players are going to do in the game, you need to ensure simplicity.

#Bring Together the Entire Game Plan

Now is the time to start programming with Scratch for your Pac Man Part 1 game. For creating a Scratch-based project, you should head to the Scratch website and select on the option “Create.” It will launch an untitled & brand-new Scratch project.


#Create the Sprite

For the main character, you will be required to create the Sprite. When you are implementing Scratch projects, objects and characters are represented with the help of Sprites.

The sprites are available in the form of images. These appear in the main area where the game is going to take place. Sprites are capable of moving around and executing code for creating great projects. For creating a sprite for your new character, you can select the option “Choose a Sprite.” You can choose from the list of premade sprites. On the other hand, you can even customize the game by painting new sprites from the paint editor or costumes tab.

#Program the Character

Now that your sprite is going to represent the main character of the game, you should start writing a code for allowing the player to control the same. The code that you will be writing using Scratch will help the character to move when the player would be pressing the buttons. For the Pac Man part 1 game, you should be able to move the character around –right, left, up, and down.

#Select the Backdrop

Before adding the main objective of the game, you should aim solidifying the theme by using an attractive backdrop. When you choose an attractive backdrop, it helps in communicating the overall theme of the game.



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