Scratch programming language is a great resource for those learning coding –especially for young learners. The programming language has been built for pre-readers. This is because it is simple to use and code. Any younger kid can look forward to spending some time learning the easy codes available on Scratch as it offers a great package for the beginners. Therefore, Scratch programming for beginners is a great option amongst modern-day students and parents alike.

Scratch for beginners serves to be an introductory coding language that allows young kids to create their own apps, interactive stories, and even games with this coding language. In this famous programming language, the kids are able to snap together various graphical programming blocks for making characters jump, move, sing, dance, and perform other activities. Kids can also engage in modifying characters in the respective paint editor while adding sounds & voices as well. Then, they can make use of the programming blocks for making characters come to life. Let’s take a look at some important aspects of using Scratch Assignments for Middle School.









Using Scratch for Making Middle School Assignments

Scratch is a great learning resource for kids who wish to learn about coding –right from an early age. It is known to closely match the personal, cognitive, emotional, and social development of kids of the age range 5-7 years. Therefore, let us know about reasons why Scratch programming fundamentals and coding for beginners and intermediates should be made a great option for middle school assignments. Here are some;

  • Interactivity and Creative Design: Upon handing a child Scratch Programming language, you will observe that the child would get drawn to the costume editor of the platform. The programming language allows them to color as well as draw the cat along with other characters. It is great that students who are as young as 4 years of age can easily use the given platform. They can also go forward with drawing books & accessories as well.


Once the animations are complete, students can also analyze how quickly they are able to record themselves with the help of sounds. Scratch is known to be available with a great library of impressive sounds.


  • Simple Coding Blocks: Scratch gets down to the level of the kids by simplifying the overall coding process. Most of the coding concepts of the programming language are quite simple. Once the kids have gained initial understanding of the same, they are good to start with the project creation.


  • Kid-friendly Graphics: The graphics available on Scratch are quite intuitive and interactive. Every character in the coding language has been developed by keeping the minds the young minds. There is also the presence of the PBS-kids version of Scratch that appeals to the kids who would like to use the characters in their projects.



Using Scratch in Classrooms

Are you a student who is interested in learning something new & creative? With Scratch programming language, young coding enthusiasts can look forward to applying intuitive skills for creating everything –right from a free software to web-based tools, animations, and interactive projects.

Completing online classroom courses such as Udemy’s Scratch Programming courses, allow junior programmers as well as aspiring makers to creative interactive games, video animations, interactive stories, advanced digital instruments, and so more. Rather than requiring proper technical coding, the free version of Scratch tool is known to make use of color-coded bars that are situated in the form of interlocking command sequence. These are also great resources for teachers to upskill and develop their own curriculum customised for their specific children’s needs.


Scratch is regarded as a great tool for all student levels –both for advanced and beginner learners. However, it is important to keep in mind that the tool is best utilized by educators having the basic programming knowledge and expertise. See the previous paragraph regarding teachers completing a quick Udemy course to upskill for the classroom

If you wish to enhance the programming skills of a student in your classroom or as a parent, here are some ideas:

  • Determining the Ending of the Story: Most younger minds prefer the option of choose-your-own books. The given activity helps in bringing the concept to the computer-based screen. Allow the students to write, outline, design, and animate the respective adventures with several outcomes. They can even consider designing a game –the outcomes of which would depend on some positive character while relying on good decision making.


  • Creating a Video Game: Are the students interested in making a version of some interesting game? How about creating a video-scrolling video game? You can consider creating a classic video-based game using their own imaginations for designing new games. For additional challenge, you can incorporate the same in educational components –like solving cognitive-thinking riddles for defeating enemies or answering math-related problems.


  • Producing Some Animated Film: Are the students quite creative? You can motivate them to create some animated film. Using Scratch language, the students can look forward to animating the film with a proper theme in mind.


Scratch Assignment Examples for Middle School

Are you looking for some specific examples of classroom assignments that you can copy or modify for your classroom? We’ve got you covered with this short list of resources;

  1. have an excellent selection of cheap paid options for assignments. These include ratings from other teachers that have used the resources. We particularly like this resource as the small funds go back to the teachers that created them! That doesn’t happen often for most teachers! Check it out here and let us know what you think in the comments below.
  2. A short free walkthrough teaching the concept of Variables and Operators from MakeTheBrainHappy. Check it out here.
  3. 50+ Free Scratch Jr. Projects in this massive list from “BootUp” here.
  4. 30+ Free Scratch Projects in this list from “BootUp” here.
  5. A full Year 6 Curriculum from “WeTeachNYC” available here. This is very comprehensive and can be easily adapted to Yr 5 – Yr 7 levels.









Do you wish to learn how to make a game in Scratch? Udemy Scratch programming helps a lot.


Bonus Video – Make a Flappy Bird Game in Under 2 Hours, Excellent first Scratch Game Project for the classroom

Credit thanks to our friends over at They have some excellent free resources with something for everyone.

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