The main mascot of this programming language is the Scratch cat.

Scratch cat

This simple, orange, four legged creature that stands on two back legs is the default sprite who is always happy to see you when you open a new Scratch project. Whether it is on the online editor or offline. The cat is something inherit within the company and the community., and it will never be change. It is in fact a trademark of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and it was originally created by W. Ngan. The Scratch cat has no gender. If you browse through the internet you will find a great variety of this awesome creature.

There are over 40,000 instances of this sprite usage in many different projects. The main reason why its has such a great usage is because it is the default starter sprite whenever a person creates a new project. It has now become the main symbol. It has a wide appearance in different talk shows and interviews, and there are, of course, many other instances of its use. It can be easily remade and you can even recolor it as you wish, or even add details to it of your choice. When you go to its costume tab you will see that it is a scalable vector graphic, and that you can dis-assemble its parts to customize it as you see fit. I personally have used it for some project and for the online course too. It has two set of costumes which can create an appearance of it walking by moving its legs and arms. There is a cool trick when you make a comment on someones project. Try typing _meow_ and it will turn into the face of the mascot. Please, do not abuse this feature and don’t become a spammer. Use it for expressing gratitude and award the creator with a nice, smiley Scratch cat.

But wait, there is more.

At times of the website or its server maintenance you will get the gray version of this cat. It comes together with the 404 or 403 Error. It can also be seen when you as a user try to access some restricted pages on the website. On year 2012 there was an awesome April Fools day joke when the Scratch community spread a false message of the cat being replaces by look a like pony. When you convert the vector Scratch cat to bitmap, it will become very grainy and you wont be able to keep the same quality when increasing its size. I am referring to the 2.0 version of Scratch. I suggest using the higher quality of it. If you are interested in making your own project, start by creating one that uses the cat sprite. Use the forever loop block together with the ‘next costume’ looks block and watch it move like crazy! Of course, add the brown ‘when flag clicked’ block on top of it. To slow it down, add the ‘wait 1 second’ operators block and change it to something like 0.2. Have fun!

Written by ProgrammingMax

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