Test yourself against these Scratch challenges.

Scratch challenges.
The following content of this article is going to be a set of challenges that will test your knowledge of the Scratch programming language. Whether you are a newbie or an experiences user, you will find the questions to be quite challenging at some point, so be prepared. There maybe two correct answers to some of the questions, and at the very bottom you can find the correct answers. To become a decent programmer, you must know the basics concepts of programming. Scratch is the best place to start programming games and animations! Lets take the Scratch challenges.

  • 1. How many project can you upload to one Scratch account?
    a) 10
    b) 50
    c) 100
    d) As many as you want
  • 2. Who created Scratch?
    a) Microsoft Corp.
    b) MIT Media Lab
    c) MSU Tech Lab
    d) Adobe Shock-wave
  • 3. What section do you find things to start scripts?
    a) Events
    b) Operators
    c) Data
    d) Sprite library
  • 4. In motion, what type of bock do you use to stop sprites coming off the screen?
    a) Point in direction
    b) Set rotation style
    c) If on edge, bounce
    d) Point towards
  • 5. What blocks do you use for ‘if-then’ control blocks?
    a) Data and sound
    b) Motion and look
    c) Data and events
    d) Sensing and operators
  • 6. What is a remix on Scratch?
    a) Making a project
    b) Putting things in your backpack
    c) Re-creation of a project somebody has made
    d) Scratch background music
  • 7. Scratch is for making programs and sharing your creations?
    a) False
    b) True
    c) Neither
  • 8. What can costumes do?
    a) Make more sprites
    b) Create blocks
    c) Make animations
    d) Draw with a pen
  • 9. What are variables used for?
    a) Taking pictures or video
    b) To keep track of score and time
    c) To start programs
    d) To paint backdrops
  • 10. Complete the following sentence. Backpacks are useful for _____.
    a) Keeping scripts
    b) Creating lists
    c) Making scripts
    d) Changing scripts
  • 11. When clicking on the ‘See project page’ button, what can you edit?
    a) Scripts
    b) Instructions, notes and credits
    c) Views
    d) Nothing
  • 12. What are the characters in Scratch called?
    a) Fantas
    b) Sprites
    c) People
    d) Creatures
  • 13. What is Scratch?
    a) A virtual world
    b) A program that allows you to create cool projects
    c) A blog kept by a group of people named ‘Scratch’
    d) A game
  • 14. What special feature does Scratch have that most other programs don’t?
    a) A Google search bar
    b) A Facebook share button
    c) A website where you can share your projects on
    d) 24/7 support
  • 15. What does Scratch help younger people to do?
    a) Teach how to code
    b) Teach how to install programs
    c) Teach how to eat right
    d) How to do sports

This is the finish! Check your answers:

If you have made at least 2 mistake when completing these Scratch challenges, I strongly recommend you reading this article: Scratch programming

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