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As a matter of fact, it is very easy, and you should always practice writing code to get a hang of it. And it is completely free to use it! When creating a project, coding is possibly the most costly part of the development, because it takes the most time and effort. The most exciting part of making your ideas into reality is sitting down by the table and writing down step by step actions you, at that moment, are aware of that might possibly lead you to the desired end goal. It can be practically anything. Since you are reading this article, it should be something related to games, art, simulations or something of that nature. Scratch truly is the best place to start your coding journey. And no matter where you live, your age, profession or your previous experience with code. It is very important understand what you are getting into before choosing to turn into a coder.

Learn to code now.

Scratch coding.

If you have a slight interest in this subject, don’t hesitate and Take Action NOW! (click on the picture). Scratch coding is used in schools and outside of schools, it truly is the best teaching tool out there. By taking this course you will gain a strong understanding of the fundamentals of Scratch coding, which will later make it super easy to learn more advanced coding. One of the strongest points the Scratch developers have made is that they offer a possibility to post your projects online for others to see, comment and collaborate on. The community of users is so great that you can easily get lost in it, if you do not have something particular in your mind. You also have the option to remix other people’s projects, with their permission of course. This is another great way to learn how and why the code works the way it does.

They go by the motto of Imagine, Program, Share. This particular word order has a reason, because you start with your imagination, you have an idea. The next step is to make a code for it to work, and you use Scratch for it. And finally, when the product of you idea is ready, you give it to the world! I strongly suggest taking the course above, you will save time and effort, because it has everything you need to get into the world of coding. You can start exploring Scratch coding on your own by going to the www.scratch.mit.edu website.

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