Scratch is regarded as one of the best platforms for all age groups to develop interactive coding projects online. The best thing is that the platform remains easily accessible for most desktop Operating Systems and Android-based devices or tablets. At the same time, the Scratch programming language serves to be a great starting point for the new coders –starting as early as 8 years, when it comes to start learning about programming fundamentals and coding for beginners & intermediates. Let us know about how you can make use of practical Scratch game tutorials for beginners to learn about this easy programming language.

The Scratch programming language serves to be immensely versatile. Scratch blocks can be utilized for a myriad of practical purposes –right from revealing interactive stories to making interesting animations. However, one of the most popular applications of Udemy Scratch programming language is making attractive games.

When you would visit the Scratch community at, you can come across an attractive collection of interesting video games that are being constantly added and updated. The Scratch programming language serves as the perfect solution for creating or replicating fun games as it is capable of supporting player input while offering the players unlimited control over the given series of code.

Scratch Programming Game Tutorials

If you are planning to develop a game using Scratch programming language for beginners, here are some crucial steps to follow:

Step 1: Starting with a Proper Game Plan

To come up with a proper game plan turns out to be one of the most important and primary steps towards developing a game using Scratch programming language. The game plan can also be regarded as the game design. If you tend to skip this crucial step and commence coding without a proper game plan, you can easily lose the overall track of the ultimate goal of game development.

Planning serves to be a great choice when it comes to honing your overall creativity as well as practice in the field of game development. To start with planning a game on Scratch, here are some vital steps to consider:

  • Selecting a proper theme
  • Figuring out what the players in the game are going to do
  • Selecting a proper objective that the player is expected to complete

Once you are ready with these essential steps, the remaining game will follow naturally.

Step 2: Setting Up the Main Characters

The next step commences with the creation of sprites. In projects involving Scratch programming, objects and characters get represented with the help of Sprites.

Sprites are available as images. These appear in the main area wherein game development takes place –referred to as the Stage. Sprites are capable of moving around and executing codes that coders provide them. This helps in the creation of amazing gaming projects.


Step 3: Selecting the Backdrop

Before you move forward with including an objective, you should aim at solidifying the overall theme through the selection of the right backdrop. While it is not necessary to include backdrops in your game using Scratch programming, still they help in adding some character to the game.

It is recommended that you should consider choosing a fun backdrop that helps in communicating the overall game’s theme. At the same time, backdrops also help in making the game more engaging as well as immersive.


Step 4: Adding an Objective

The next step is including an objective into the game. For the same, you are required to develop a new sprite to interact with the game’s main character. On the basis of the game plan that you had created earlier, you should possess a rough estimate of what the game objective should be. Different types of games on Scratch programming can feature different types of objectives. Some of the common objectives could be:

  • Collecting Game –the collection of some reward
  • Dodging Game –avoiding enemies
  • Question Game –Answering proper questions

You can go forward with selecting the sprite of the given game objective for the specific type of game that you wish to develop.

Step 5: Adding Extra Features

Now that you have access to a controller game character along with a functional objective, your project is capable of meeting specific game requirements. While the project still counts as a proper game, you can include additional features to it as well. If you wish to make the game more complicated, you can consider adding components for coming under the categories like:

  • Extra goals
  • Extra challenge
  • Extra rules
  • Extra interaction

Scratch programming for beginners can be utilized for creating a wide array of interesting games –of all complexity levels. Make the most of the professional Scratch basics programming course online for optimal results.


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