Thousands of Scratch games are waiting for you.

Scratch gamesThey are created by using the free visual programming language called Scratch. It was developed by MIT. It is used by all kinds of people of all ages. It has come to be among the hottest online trends and which appears will stay for quite a while. There are several ways to play Scratch games. To dive right into them you have to visit their website Once you have landed on the official homepage click on the Explore tab at the top of the website. Here you will find the Scratch’s communities masterpieces. Click on the Games category and easily browse through thousands of game projects. You can also sort them by trend, popularity and recency. I have played quite a few of them for educational purposes, but I must say there are many awesome games to be played. The most recent game I gave a shot at was the Scratch version of Pac Man. The coolest feature is that you get to see what is under the hood of all games. Simply click on the ”See Inside” blue button. Here you can learn how different blocks connected together create the program that makes up the game.

scratch games

So, that was one way of playing the Scratch games. The other way, in my opinion the most fun and wholesome way, is to create your own games. You simply have to learn how the programming software works, learn different type of blocks, basic programming concepts and you are good to go. Not only games, but also animations for all kinds of purposes. This is truly the place where imagination has no boundaries. If you can dream it, you can build it. If you are seeking to design an internet racing game that anybody can play, or any other game that comes up your mind, I recommend you taking the online course that teaches you how to program in Scratch. Especially if you are a beginner and you have dreams of creating your own games and animations, this is the time to take action. At first it might be frustrating to achieve the right mindset, but it can be done, especially if you practice it. If you are in a position where you leisure time everyday, why don’t you will it with something useful that might pay off big times in the near future. Programming is a very hot topic of today’s world and the future, therefore Scratch is the best place to start.

Experiment with scratch games yourself.

You can try out on your own by clicking on the create tab on the website. The Scratch editor will open up. Then simply create a sprite in the paint editor, or choose a sprite from your file or the main library. It is stocked full with all kinds of sprites. Then follow up with making a background by clicking on the Stage button and clicking on Paint. You can now paint one yourself or import one from your computer. Or even better, you ready made background from the library. Once you have done that it is time to start scripting. It is very important to understand the different block categories and how they work together with one another. As I said before, I recommend you taking Scratch online course. Play around and start creating your own Scratch games project on daily bases. This is the best step to take in order to land on a great opportunity creating the next million dollar game idea or mobile application. It will also improve your problem solving skills, you will become better at communicating ideas and managing projects. And I hope you succeed. 🙂

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