Scratch 2.0 also goes by the name as Scratch 2. It is regarded as the second major version of the programing language. It was launched after Scratch 1.4. The Scratch 1.4 version of the programming language featured a redesigned website and editor. Moreover, it also served to be the first-ever version of Scratch programming that included both the online as well as offline mode for the editor.

The given version went on to the public beta version on 28th January 2013. It got released officially on 9th May in 2013. The 2.0 version for beta site and the older 1.4 site were taken down individually from 6th May to 8Th May such that the Scratch team was able to move along the projects.

History of Scratch Programming Language 2.0

The introduction of Scratch 2.0 was given announcement by “Andresmh” on the respective Scratch Forums during January 2010. In August 2010, Experimental Viewer turned out to be the first-ever experiment that was released by the given Scratch Team to serve as the part of the version of Scratch programming language 2 PDF. Later on, during 2011, the beta version of Flash Player was unveiled for simultaneous projects. Flash Player could be chosen by the logged-in users. In the year 2012, the same got replaced by the version representing alpha editor. The given version was finally released as the default version for the users in October.

During May 2011, the first-ever project editor –the “Pre-Alpha” got released to a group of limited audience at the prestigious Scratch Day –occurred at MIT. Shortly after this event, the Scratch Team went forward with posting updates –referred to as the Scratch 2.0 Progress Reports, to the respective blog. The all-new, redesigned project editor –at its alpha stage, got premiered for some days to the general public for the Scratch Day in the year 2012.

Across the remaining period of 2012, the users were asked to test the following versions –selected educators and community moderators. Some of the users out there were also capable of infiltrating and using the given program because of a technical glitch.

During December 2012, the version of public beta got introduced on 28th January 2013. On 13th May, 2014, the source code for Scratch 2.0 got released. Upon its release, the latest version of the programming language was then replaced at the previous website. Wish to learn Scratch programming for beginners? You can know more about this language with the help of Udemy Scratch Programming course.

Offline Editor of Scratch 2.0

The offline editor for Scratch 2.0 was released on 26th August 2013. It featured some differences from the online version of the programming language. The most notable difference is the lack of the Backpack along with the utilization of a different color upon the selection of the text.

Features of Scratch 2.0 Programming Language

For the latest version 2.0, Scratch was completely rewritten by making use of Adobe Flash. However, it still continued running projects from the older versions of the Scratch programming language. It was still available for free use and featured no ads.

As Scratch 2.0 was a completely new programming language and included new features, the latest version had projects that were saved in “.sb2” format rather than the previous “.sb” format. Still, projects that were uploaded from the first version of Scratch 1.4 could continue getting downloaded from the given project page in the initial “.sb” format. Scratch 2.0 is known to sport a series of new and advanced features to both the website as well as the programming concept.

It is important to note that once you have saved a project in the respective Scratch 2.0 editor, it implies that the format is going to get adjusted to the “.sb2” format. As such, you cannot revert it back to the previous format without making use of some external program. As such, you cannot open the same in Scratch 1.4 version.

Some of the advanced features of Scratch 2.0 programming language for Scratch game tutorials include:

  • An Easy-to-Navigate Scratch 2.0 Page: When you are making use of the Scratch 2.0, you will get access to the page resembling the following screenshot:
scratch programming editor 2.0

The top of the version’s page features links to Create, Discuss, and Explore. You can use the same options for starting your Scratch programming language project.

  • Built-in Image Editor: One of the major features of Scratch 2.0 is the presence of the built-in image editor. This would allow you to draw your own background as well as sprites. As such, it becomes immensely easy for the users to create project backgrounds as well as sprites. Moreover, the same is readily available from the project editor.

The previous versions of Scratch made use of the bitmap image editor. However, with the latest version of 2.0, you can also consider drawing in vector graphics. This helps in allowing the users to create images that tend to be smooth as well as scalable to any size.

Download the Scratch 2.0 Editor for Offline use direct from the MIT source here .

Note that the very latest version, 3.0 at the time of writing, is available as an offline app here

And of course, the simplest method is to go direct to the online project editor from the Scratch MIT homepage here

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