Are you a fan of video games? Wish to create a classic shooter game like the Zombie shooter game? Our scratch programming game tutorial will help you get started on how to create a Zombie shooter game using this advanced programming language.

Planning Out the Zombie Shooter Game


If you wish to make use of the Scratch programming language for the creation of a Zombie shooter game, we first advise planning out the entire game concept in advance. My favourite is a good old fashioned pen-and-paper for this. A whiteboard is a close second favourite. Whichever method you choose, here are some fundamental programming structure steps to follow:



  • Making the player fire lasers when the left-side mouse button would be down
  • When a particular shape would get destroyed, offer the player a fixed amount of money based on the type of shape that has been destroyed
  • When the laser would hit the enemy (in the given example, a zombie), the game should make the zombie lose some significant health points. As the zombie would run out of the respective health points  (having less than 0.1), there should be an option of deleting the zombie and changing the given dollar by some amount on the basis of the specific type of zombie the same tends to be.
  • Including multiple weapons for the players to have several options.
  • Releasing zombies at a particular rate on the basis of the wave or level that the player would be on.
  • For instance, releasing the boss zombie after every 10 level.
  • Showing all variables that are required to be revealed in some fancy fashion.

Building the Zombie Shooter Game with Scratch

For the development of the Zombie Shooter game on Scratch, you are required to have some essential elements. These include the player, guns & weapons, shapes, zombies or enemies, and different types of displays.



For guns & weapons, the player is required to have some level of defense. In the given tutorial, you can consider developing around eight types of weapons, including:

  • Daggers –for moving forward & backward when the mouse would be down
  • Flank swords –for turning when the mouse would be down
  • Sword –for turning when the mouse would be down
  • Gun- for pointing towards the mouse pointer while firing a specific projectile when the mouse would be down
  • Twin guns –serving like a machine gun, but tends to be more accurate
  • Machine gun –featuring the same characteristics as that of the gun, but capable of firing rapidly, and is not very accurate
  • Gun flank –firing a bullet front & back
  • Sniper –shooting faster and highly powerful bullets


When you wish to draw shapes of the game, you can do so easily with the help of Scratch programming. The player is required to have a proper way of earning cash without having the requirement of shooting the zombies. In the given game, the players will be provided different types of shapes that they can destroy for earning rewards or cash. Here are some:

  • Squares –featuring low protection. As such, lower points are earned when you destroy the same.
  • Triangles –featuring 100 percent more protection in comparison to a square, and capable of giving twice the reward or cash.
  • Pentagons –featuring higher protection to that of the other shapes, and delivering abundant cash upon destroying the same.


Zombies or Enemies

In the given game, the zombies are not going to fire the respective projectiles. Rather than this, they will go ahead with smashing the players. There will be different categories of zombies:


  • Normal
  • Fast zombies –running instead of walking and delivering 100 percent more cash or reward in comparison to the normal zombies
  • Strong zombies –having more shield in comparison to the normal zombies while giving 200 percent more cash or rewards than them
  • Boss zombies –walking slower in comparison to the normal zombies, but having around 2000 percent more health and delivering 5000 percent more rewards or cash in comparison to the normal ones. Moreover, they are also capable of spawning clones
  • Boss minions –these are the normal zombies, but tend to have less health



How the Zombie Shooter Game Works on Scratch?

When the green flag is clicked, enemies or zombies would randomly start advancing or falling from the sky. If the enemies are going to attack you or fall on you before you destroy them, then you would end up losing your life. If you continuously go forward with losing three lives, then the overall game is over.

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